Massive migration at massive scale

Nov 15th, 2017   |   7:00pm @ ATV

Last year Evernote migrated its entire production service to Google Cloud Platform in just 70 days. Of course, months of work preceded the 70 days of actual migration. In January, running our service on a public cloud platform was an abstract concept, so we spent most of the year dissecting every aspect of our platform and trying to understand how to run it on someone else’s compute infrastructure. The culmination of that effort was a 10-month project plan, which we believed was pretty aggressive, but there was business pressure to move even faster. This is the story of how we radically rethought the timeline, the approaches we took, and the transformative effect it had on the migration team.

Nandu Shah Dir. of Technical Operations at Evernote

Nandu Shah is Director of Technical Operations at Evernote, where he ensures that 200 million people around the world can always access their most precious notes. Last year he led the migration of Evernote's production service (150 million users, 1100 servers, 3 PB of data) to Google Cloud Platform in 70 days. For over 20 years, in roles spanning IT, software engineering, and operations, he has followed his passion for truly agile--with a lowercase a—approaches to getting things done.

Building a Metrics-driven Culture

Jan 17, 2018   |   7:00pm @ TBD

We have entered a golden age of data in business. The amount of information available to us about our customers is astounding. But how do we ensure that we are not overwhelmed with that information?

Building a metrics driven culture in our organizations is vital to ensure we are focused on what our customers want while constantly challenging our beliefs about their behaviors. We will discuss how to carry those metrics into the data platforms we build - so we can be as effective as possible.

Whitney Weaver CTO at mLevel

Whitney Weaver is the CTO of mLevel, a micro-learning and engagement platform. Previously, Whitney drove building the data platform at the financial technology start up Kabbage. Over his time at Kabbage the company scaled from 10,000 users to over 750,000 and daily loan volumes of $6M. Whitney has worked across multiple sectors included health care, finance, and energy management where data has been a focal point.

Innovation at the speed of Cloud

March 14, 2018   |   7:00pm @ TBD

From the cold back woods of Maine to the glowing hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley - J.Tyler “T.Rex" Rohrer has been on a nearly 30 year voyage to perfect the way agencies, organizations, and companies of all sizes manage their end user computing landscapes. Working on nearly every continent in the World, thousands of different types of organizations, and millions and millions of actual end users – he will offer “short cuts” and “turn by turn directions” helping you future proof your deployments.

With all that has changed with virtualization and cloud computing, a tremendous amount has stayed the same. This lively session will explore what it is we all really do when we “go to work” every day – and how this simple mental model sets the stage for amazing innovation and breakthrough within YOUR ORGANIZATIONS…if you simply let it happen and follow 3 simple principles.

Tyler Rohrer Co-founder, Liquidware

Tyler Rohrer co-founded Liquidware, an international software company catering to the largest agencies, organizations, and enterprises on the planet. Previously, he was a partner at FOEDUS, which was acquired by VMware in 2007. Tyler is an international speaker on topics ranging from virtualization, cloud computing, and operational excellence. He is a horrible golfer, decent rally car racer, mechanic, father, futurist, author, and amateur theoretical physics buff.

Liquidware is the leading 3rd party software provider of desktop transformation solutions enhancing management of Windows desktops on any desktop platform, including physical Windows PCs, VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Amazon Workspaces and AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms.

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